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  • Duration: until

    Duration: until At night yogurt 1 cup.

    All Day white bread 300 g.

    Option 2: 1st breakfast boiled meat 80 g, buckwheat spillingchataya porridge with vegetable oil 150 g, broth nick spines 100 mL.

    2nd breakfast apple juice 100 ml.

    Dinner cabbage soup with sour cream 200 g, boiled fish with mashed potatoes with milk with fusion of gauge oil 100200 g, tea with sugar 200 ml.

    Snack carrot juice 1 cup.

    Dinner cabbage with vegetable oil 200 g, low fat cottage cheese with sugar 100 g, stewed fruit 1 cup.

    At night yogurt 1 cup.

    On the day rye bread 150 g, white bread 100 g, sugar 30 g.

    In cancer Ian Gawler Indications for use: oncological diseases tion in acute and recovery.

    Duration: until recovery.

    Features diet: nutritional therapy in oncology skih diseases were invited American Ian Gawler, who was himself ill with cancer.


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