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    FINDING BALANCE WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE BALANCE Sex hormones the balance of energy in the 237 Microand macrocosm are the harmony of yin and yang 237 Conclusions of a theoretical part purification 242 PRACTICAL PART OF THE FIRST PHASE CLEANING.

    FINDING BALANCE DISORDERS sex hormones 243 Excess estrogen.

    Harakteryye sensations and disease 243 Excess testosterone.

    Characteristic sensations and disease 247 If you are unsure of your diagnosis 250 CLEANSING ENDOCRINE with excess estrogen 251 Cleansing Diet with excess estrogen 251 CLEANSING IN EXCESS OF ENDOCRINE TESTOSTERONE 254 The first stage of cleaning the endocrine system 258 SECOND STAGE OF CLEANING.

    DIAGNOSIS AND CLEANSING ON LINE Thyroidpituitaryadrenal axis 259 Diagnosis predominance of one of the endocrine glands 259 Thyroid glandularTYPE.


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