Lunch rice

Lunch rice Between meals water, fruit juices and vegetables soup, fresh fruit.

Option 2 Breakfast wheat cooked or raw, honey, milk.

Lunch rice or potato soup with carrots, herbs and vegetable oil, boiled potatoes with cheese, fresh fruit.

Dinner sour rye bread.

Option 3 Breakfast fruit juice, orange, apple or other Gia fresh fruit salad of green vegetables, wheat nym bread, milk.

Lunch salad of raw vegetables, vegetable soup, fresh bread, green vegetables.

Dinner fresh fruit, boiled beans, weak tea with milk.

Diet menu for obesity: 1 Breakfast: 1 cup of any fruit juice, 2 light zyje fruit 1 apple, 1 banana or peach 2, 3 cup sprouted cereals or peas and 4 two piecewise ka wheat bread wholemeal grinding or oatmeal gruel or of powdered milk with wheat 5 boiled egg; 6 coffee or tea, if necessary.


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