Bake until

Bake until Expand one of the rollers to roll out a preprepared baking sheet with a thin layer.

Align the edge of possibility.

Pour the mixture evenly on a date palm dough, roll out the second part of the test to the same size as the first.

Break it over the maximum level.

Press lightly on top of the surface, even the edges with a sharp knife.

Bake until light brown 1530 min.

Cut into squares or other shapes when the dough is still hot.

3 cookies 1 dose of coarse products; 1 dose of other fruits, a little iron.

Oatmeal fruit cookies H 24 and n e h e n s i: vegetable oil, 10 roasted figs, 6 tablespoons apple juice concentrate, I.

12 tablespoons light oil, 1 12 cup oats or a mixture of raw oats and wheat flakes, 1 cup raisins, 1 a n 2 cup chopped nuts, ground cinnamon to taste, 1 protein.


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