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  • Duration: until

    Duration: until At night yogurt 1 cup.

    All Day white bread 300 g.

    Option 2: 1st breakfast boiled meat 80 g, buckwheat spillingchataya porridge with vegetable oil 150 g, broth nick spines 100 mL.

    2nd breakfast apple juice 100 ml.

    Dinner cabbage soup with sour cream 200 g, boiled fish with mashed potatoes with milk with fusion of gauge oil 100200 g, tea with sugar 200 ml.

    Snack carrot juice 1 cup.

    Dinner cabbage with vegetable oil 200 g, low fat cottage cheese with sugar 100 g, stewed fruit 1 cup.

    At night yogurt 1 cup.

    On the day rye bread 150 g, white bread 100 g, sugar 30 g.

    In cancer Ian Gawler Indications for use: oncological diseases tion in acute and recovery.

    Duration: until recovery.

    Features diet: nutritional therapy in oncology skih diseases were invited American Ian Gawler, who was himself ill with cancer.

    . . . . . .

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    . 816 Milk

    . 816 Milk.

    816 Milk margarine 746 Margarine a sandwich .



    744 Mayonnaise 627 Vegetable oil 899 Butter 748 Melted butter 887 Candy Honey 308 Fruit dragees 384 Zephyr 299 Iris 386 Marmalade 296 Caramel 296 Chocolate candy 396 Pastilles 305 Sugar 374 Tahini halva 510 Sunflower Halva 516 Dark chocolate 540 Milk Chocolate 547 Flour confectionery Puff pastry apple 454 Puff pastry Cream 544 Waffles with fruit, beginning 342 Biscuit cake with fruit filling 344 Gingerbread 336 Biscuit cake filled with fruit 386 Almond cake 524 Nuts Hazelnuts 704 Almonds 645 648 Walnut Peanuts 548 Sunflower seeds .

    . . . . .

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    But back to the text

    But back to the text But found little fragments can still understand that it attached great importance to everything that refers to the lifestyle of the early Christians, as the Ebionites were direct successors of the Jerusalem community.

    According to the Gospel of the Ebionites can be concluded about how people act and think in the time of Jesus.

    Moreover, the community of Christs followers lived in the spirit of Jesus, at least tried to behave the same way.

    Ebionites adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle, as it follows from the letter of Pliny the Roman Emperor Trojans.

    But back to the text dedicated to the Passover feast.

    In the Gospel of the Ebionites, Jesus responds extremely indignant at the question of where it should be cooked food I quote from Epiphanius, Against Heresies 30, 22:4: Do I want to eat this Passover with you meat Understand such a statement can only be unambiguously.

    . . . . . .

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    Some grow

    Some grow Now, when my mother and I carefully choose fresh foods in the supermarket Mitsukoshi deciding what to cook for dinner, we were greeted very different tune: dozens of sellers singing greetings each over their vegetables laid out pyramid.

    In Japan, a wide selection of mountain, plain and sea vegetables, and root crops.

    Some grow for centuries in Japan, others were imported from abroad.

    Vegetables are always play the role of the main product in the Japanese dish.

    Japanese mothers, gathering for lunch their families, are very fond of putting vegetables, especially vegetables stewed in broth.

    . . . . . .

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    The second

    The second First time to eat better not previously 11 ca owls day when your body finally awakened.

    Advisable to restrict morning cup of tea le medicament herbs with a teaspoon of honey.

    The second meal, hes the last about 1718 hours.

    If desired ve cherom can drink a glass of tea decoction of herbs or spikes nickname.

    The most best drink cold spring water, infused with dried fruits.

    Transition rules for healing power and its organization Going to the healing diet should be gradual nym.

    Its hard to change habits and stereotypes for example, go to a disposable supplies that follow present, according to the author, the physiological needs of man.

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