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    Although A іya average healthy man century water and air completely irrelevant to increase cheniyu weight.

    Lets just say: weight calorie consumption function lennyh and calories burned.

    Although it looks too simple, is always useful to remember the following equation: More calories = weight gain Fewer calories = weight loss Ponyatі to how much is consumed calories must ioshgg.

    what people yedya of W To understand what people eat h, it is necessary to study their diet.

    People tend to underestimate the amount eaten as poor and overpriced data about their physical activity, POE important to thoroughly fix everything from main meals to snacks and NADI tkov.

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    Due to the growing

    Due to the growing We live in a new era.

    Many years ago, people suffering from communicable diseases, but not chronically diseases that beset us today, infectious tions present in various forms, such as bacteria or viruses.

    Thanks to the global revolution in medicine, we have now effectively control most infectious diseases.

    Due to the growing problem of obesity, most companies are not ready to concomitant chronic diseases.

    This problem affects the weight of the medical field.

    Bst and pleasant: through good nutrition and regular physical exercise cal and this problem can be prevented and stopped.

    Children with adult diseases First time in history we are seeing chronic conditions, or socalled illness lifestyles among young people.

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    State um it from

    State um it from Serious disruption of the endocrine system are found in 100% of cancer cases.

    Thyroid Anatomy thyroid The thyroid gland is located in our front area of the neck at the level of the larynx and upper trachea.

    State um it from the right and left lobe connected by a narrow isthmus.

    Its transverse size 5060 mm, the longitudinal dimension of each share doy 5080 mm.

    Thyroid weight of an adult is 16 to 5, the pipsqueak Such is largely controls our body.

    Colloid, dense matter within the thyroid gland, contain hormones.

    Hormones are composed mainly of protein and iodinecontaining Cove amino acids.

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    Bor why so many

    Bor why so many Can again go to your specialist dietetic nutrition and complain that a diet which you follow, does not work.

    1 Іeredko you are angry because radically changed their eating habits in accordance with the program specified by this expert.

    You might think that a diet specialist and you brought it, and it often creates a sense of hopelessness.

    Bor why so many people are facing difficulties in implementing their plans supply: they just do not know exactly what they consume.

    The blame for this lies with the many people, including at the consumer and nutrition specialist, but the main culprit to be found in the field of preparation and production of food.

    Why the doctor recommends a meal replacement As a doctor for diet, I recommend a meal replacement to their patients for many years.

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    All mix and cook

    All mix and cook Honey 2 kg.

    10 g of crushed roots Bukovica, field elderberry okantovidnogo thistle.

    5 g of chopped herbs fireweed, melissa plus the same kidney and birch leaves.

    15 g of powdered herb St.

    Johns wort, hawthorn, meadowsweet, yarrow, chamomile, as well as flowers of apple and rose hips.

    All mix and cook in a water bath for an hour, for those insist 3 days at room temperature, protsezhi Vai and squeeze.

    Broth recipe, which you drink after the main syrup 10 minutes after taking aloe syrup should drink half a cup of broth from the following composition: 40 g Laban dy, clover, Repeshko pharmacy, cleavers, beech vitsy drug and ordinary cuff.

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