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Health care

Lunch rice

Lunch rice Between meals water, fruit juices and vegetables soup, fresh fruit.

Option 2 Breakfast wheat cooked or raw, honey, milk.

Lunch rice or potato soup with carrots, herbs and vegetable oil, boiled potatoes with cheese, fresh fruit.

Dinner sour rye bread.

Option 3 Breakfast fruit juice, orange, apple or other Gia fresh fruit salad of green vegetables, wheat nym bread, milk.

Lunch salad of raw vegetables, vegetable soup, fresh bread, green vegetables.

Dinner fresh fruit, boiled beans, weak tea with milk.

Diet menu for obesity: 1 Breakfast: 1 cup of any fruit juice, 2 light zyje fruit 1 apple, 1 banana or peach 2, 3 cup sprouted cereals or peas and 4 two piecewise ka wheat bread wholemeal grinding or oatmeal gruel or of powdered milk with wheat 5 boiled egg; 6 coffee or tea, if necessary.

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In one portion

In one portion tablespoon butter, 1 tbsp.

sousharey spoon, 6 mushrooms, Art.

whipping cream, 1 onion, shallot.

Preparation Cut mushrooms, put onions, mash.

Salt and pepper, add cream, decomposition live in buttered cocotte, release 1 egg on top, sprinkle with cheese mixed with dry ryami and bake until thick protein.

In one portion at is Eggrolls 4 servings: 3 pods of red pepper, 3 tbsp.

tablespoons canola oil, salt, ground black pepper onion, 1 clove honestly Single, 6 eggs, 2 tbsp.

flour, 3 tbsp.

Spoon cottage cheese, 1 bunch direct tion herbs.

Preparation Wash peppers, remove seeds and cut into slices.

Share peel up on a lightly greased baking sheet scrap weight and bake under the grill until the skin starts to bubble.

. . . . . .

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These products

These products Simple tips on diet # 4 7 eat daily servings of vegetables and FRUIT P rofessor David Heber of the University of California at Los Angeles TCHLA wrote a book called What color is your diet in which he describes the relationship between the colorspecific products and they contain powerful beneficial nutrients.

For example, tomatoes fall into the red category, and they are rich in valuable substance called lycopene.

Mom was right when she made us eat fruits n vegetables starting with m ending with blueberry broccoli.

These products the abundance of powerful nutrients called fitonutrienta.

mi phyto from the Greek plant, which are very useful for health.

These plant nutrients accumulate in fruits and vegetables and provide antioxidant! 1uk protection.

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The human

The human From these data, we know that never before in human history has been obese societies.

In past civilizations did not have such an abundance of food, as it is now.

11riroda well prepared us for the lack of food.

People have adapted and learned to survive on a minimum number of calories consumed.

But Mother Nature did not foresee future technological achievements tions in the food supply.

The human body is simply not prepared for todays abundance of food.

Excess calories in the diet observed ed everywhere in both developed and developing countries, in rich and poor societies.

Obesity does not discriminate anyone.

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And knowledge

And knowledge Therefore, we need knowledge about organ systems ism responsible for purification or separation.

And knowledge of the internal filth or slag, from which we must by all means get rid of.

One of our main tools knowledge.

If we do not know how to refine the body, we can not clean it.

____ findings OF PROPOSED PROGRAMME Our minds broke many relationship with the body, our task to restore them.

We sdela eat it by purification.

General th cleanse the mind and body.

We build a rigorous purification sequence in which dictated by the human body, so will of the Creator.

Violation of this order will result in the failure of the entire system of purification.

Rejection of the idea or sample creates wise Nature will also close your path to health and rejuvenation of the body.

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5 Pacific mackerel

5 Pacific mackerel5 Pacific mackerel in tomato sauce, San Jose 5 Makrorus 0 Raspberry 8 Raspberries, freezing, Dujardin 7 Raspberries, freezing, Volkmar Frenzel 4,1 Mango 1 Canned mango, Vitaland 15,4 Mandarin 6 Semolina 3 Manta Frosty 5 Product from.

is Margarine 1 Margarine Hostess 60% 0.

4 Margarine «Voimix», 60% <2 Margarine Sandwich 2 Milk margarine 1 Margarine Rama Vita lithium 65% 0.

6 Marmalade 77 Marmalade Citrus slices Red October 71 Olives, pitted, AVIS 4,78 Pitted olives, ITLV 10,5 Canned olives 2 Olives with pits, AVIS 4,78 Olives with pits, ITLV 10,5 Oil Thousand Lakes, 82%, Valio 0,1 Butter, 82%, Valio 0,7 Butter Vologda, 85%, 0.

8 GOST Butter sweet, RAP 0.

9 Butter sweet , 85% 0.

6 Unrefined corn oil 0 Refined corn oil 0 Unrefined olive oil 0 Refined olive oil 0 Sunflower oil 0 Refined sunflower oil 0 Vegetable oil 0 Butter 1 Butter Peasant, 5%, 3 GOST Butter Monastery, 82% <1 Melted butter 0.

. . . . . .

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