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Health care

But this portrait

But this portrait ~ ~ Excellent performance and seemingly everything is perfect.

But this portrait of a healthy person.

Once the body reaches pollution a certain level, even these energetic merry fellows under the yoke of fear the disease.

And then they need to be sure take care of the profiling hardware adrenal glands.

They are tired and I huddled with mud.

Difficulties with excess adrenal hormone secretion The adrenal glands produce about 50 different hormones.

Those that have on the body pronounced biological effects are called corticosteroids.

Their main function adaptation to new conditions.

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Replace Do not eat sugar, honey, jam and candy.

Valid sweeteners.

Continue to eat for breakfast bread cargo God grind.

For lunch and dinner you can eat only cheese.

Avoid sauces with flour.

Replace vegetable oil margarine, especially but for breakfast.

Drink skim milk.

Eat more fish and to give preference to goodPWM lipids, in order to prevent heart of vascular disease.

Be careful with desserts containing sa char.

There are strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

You can eat chocolate, sorbets, ice cream and cream vzbi tye, but not abused.

Avoiding pastries containing flour, sugar and fats.

You can eat fruit mousses and eggs or cream neslad cue.

Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

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